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Keynote Speakers Forum

Ways in Which AI and Data Analytics Are Transforming Medical Care


Breakthroughs in data-gathering technologies have rapidly increased our capacity to collect genetic, epigenetic and phenotypic data at scale, powering large population-level studies of the molecular bases of several important diseases. At the same time, a systematic effort of digitisation has made clinical and health record data increasingly available across life-spans and populations. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have the potential to contribute significantly to health research and healthcare delivery with their ability to effectively capture patterns in large, high-dimensional data sets; to accelerate previously slow and laborious screening procedures; and potentially to automate, improve and systematise diagnostic and therapeutic protocols, reducing risk and enhancing outcomes.

In my talk, I will share some examples of the ways in which AI and data analytics are transforming medical care. 

Navigating the Maze of Medical School Admissions &

Life as a Medic Student 


Medicine is one of the most competitive subjects to gain entry to in the world. But beyond top grades, what else can students do to prepare ahead of applications to medical schools? Students will have the opportunity to learn from experienced university consultants about pathways for studying medicine and related subjects in Hong Kong and abroad. Students will gain an understanding of what qualities medical schools are really looking for, as well as discover ways in which they can enhance their chance to enter medical schools. 

Clinical Lectures

The Clinical Lectures are designed for students to understand the work of medical practitioners and allied healthcare professionals with different backgrounds. The purpose is to increase students’ understanding of how professionals from a range of disciplines work together to deliver comprehensive care to address all of the patient’s needs. The lectures are designed to be interactive rather than didactic. Additionally, there will be a Q&A session for students to gain insights and practical advice from our guest speakers on how to begin their path towards a future career in medicine. 

Clinical Lecture 1:


A New Aspect to Improve the Quality of Life of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 10 Years and Onwards

This study provides evidence that AAI Dog intervention may improve the quality of life for Intellectual Disabled(ID) children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder(ASD) by promoting their communication and social interaction skills. This session will demonstrate how the speakers conduct the study and the prelim impact.

Clinical Lecture 2:


Looking to the Future – Women’s Health

Clinical Lecture 3:


Recent Advances in Radiation Oncology

Clinical Lecture 4:


The Next 10 Years of Neurosurgery

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