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“The Conference provides a lot of information for students who aspire to enter the medical field and

is surely a successful conference.”
M.H.T., S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

“The GAMC was fun and inspiring, with keynote talks from important and striking figures in the local and international medical world. It was an eye-opening opportunity to gain deep insights about healthcare and the development of medicine and technology as a whole.”
W.T.C., Diocesan Boys' School

“It's very inspiring and also reminds me of what personal qualities I want to develop to become a medical professional.”
W.L., Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School

“The GAMC not only has inspiring and enjoyable medical talks, which have really enhanced my knowledge, but it also has opportunities to improve interview skills. The examples provided on how to enter the medical industry were really helpful.”
E.L., St. Paul's Convent School

“The Conference had broadened my horizons towards the medical field effectively. It has enhanced my interest in devoting myself to contribute in the healthcare industry, and to alleviate the alarming situation that various diseases have been emerging. ”

 N.S.C. Ariel, Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

“Overall, my GAMC experience was a fruitful, educational and enjoyable one. Unlike focusing on individual specialists like previous lectures I had attended at other conferences, the GAMC speakers covered medical studies and researches as a whole, applying knowledge with real life situations and showcasing good practicality and ethical mindset. Their speeches really targeted want-to-be medical students and the sharing during the Q&A session was insightful. Keep it up! ”

J.L., Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School


“I think the overall experience was very eye-opening. GAMC allows me to make choices in the future in different medical fields. I am able to further explore my determination, curiosity, forward thinking and many other qualities that I have developed throughout the GAMC.”

A.Y., Canadian International School of Hong Kong


“The keynote speakers were extremely interesting and allowed me to get a better idea about what sort of topics interest me. The booths were interesting and extremely informative as to what the job entails and it gave me a good idea as to what the job will be like.”

Mai, Seisen International School


“Fruitful content from each speaker inspires me to check out more about the topics and broaden my vision of

modern medical field.”

Joankett, Diocesan Boy's School  

“Good & interesting day - keynote speakers' talks were interesting as they were cutting edge research &

providing new thought.”
Reena, Sevenoaks School

“GAMC is an event that should be continued and the talks were extremely enlightening and informative. The conference was interesting and it was a great success, people were very enthusiastic and actively engaged in learning.”
Brian, St Paul’s College

“The conference is well-planned. The talks involves speakers from all aspects of science and they have made the most frontline researches sample to understand. I have really enjoyed the conference!”
Jimmy, Yew Chung International School

“GAMC is successful in delivering knowledge outside school syllabus, allowing a greater portfolio for application into medical school.”
Vinson, Uppingham School

“I gained insight into medic studies from GAMC. This event was very informative yet interesting. I got to learn a lot about different specialties in the medicine field.”
T.M. , Maryknoll Convent School

“The content of GAMC is excellent, especially in sharing session of medical school application.”
Hadrion, French International School

“This conference is very useful and informative. It is very helpful for my decision in which science subjects to choose in the university.”
Demi, Queenswood School

“This year's GAMC is successful as both the talks and booths give me a comprehensive insights towards the medical lives in universities. It also further develop my interest towards medical lives.”
T.H., St Paul’s College

“Exposes youth to new and exciting careers and ideas.”
Matthias, Harrow International School

“Very informative. Well-organized, caters to all needs & interest.”
Christopher, Winchester College

"The talks were most inspiring and informative.  All the talks really do help confirm my desire to pursue my interest in medical science. Clinical booths are very interactive and fun. This is a fruitful day which is hugely useful for me to confirm my interest in biomedical science and greatly broadened my horizon. Thank you!"
Christine, St Paul's Convent School


"Talks were interesting and informative yet not overwhelming"
Matthew, UK boarding school

"From the talks, I learnt about cutting edge research being done in Oxford University. All in all, the conference is inspirational, giving me good insight about the medical development"
Jerry, Creative secondary school



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